A Beginner’s Guide to Running: Tips that Will Increase Your Initiative to Run

Running is something that can not only help you keep a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. It is one of those exercises that can improve the health of your heart while providing a nice escape to think about the world or how you want to spend that next meal. Not only that, but running can be that moment where you shut off your mind and just enjoy a few minutes (or hours) by yourself.
A Beginner’s Guide to Running
The key to anything is figuring out what you are comfortable with, and then going one step further, and to become great at something, it just takes a little practice. That even stands true when you are starting to run for the first time, because you don’t want to push yourself too hard, and turn it into work, when it is really just an opportunity to have some fun.

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Learning How to Run

The first step to learning how to run correctly, is to work yourself up to the ability to run continuously. In order to do that, the best way is to start slow, and work your body up to a condition capable of running. Start by taking walks around the neighborhood or even in a local mall, and slowly increase the length of time and then the distance that you are walking. Also make sure to give yourself breaks in the first few days of pushing your maximum mileage. For instance, when you take a 3 mile walk for the first time, take the second day off, and then get back to it on the third day. When you are comfortable walking several miles at the same time, you are ready to take that first racing step.
How to Get Started Running
Once you have mastered walking, it is time to start running. Before you head out for your run though, it is always important to make sure that you not only stretch, but make sure that you are well hydrated. By stretching out all of your leg muscles you will help to get your body for the run, and by making sure to drink enough water, you are going to make sure that you don’t suffer any severe muscle cramps. Also have water ready at the end of your run so that you can re-hydrate your body, and set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.
On your first run, you don’t want to over-exert yourself, and you should be careful not to set your original goals to high. Set a goal of trying to run half a mile, and go for it. If you can’t run the whole half mile at first, don’t even sweat it, because you can try again later, or the next time. Remember always that you are doing this at your own pace, and it isn’t a race to become an expert runner right away. Once you have been able to run that first half mile, increase your distance the next time to a mile, and once you have that accomplished for for 2 miles the next time. When you have been able to do that, you can start to push yourself, and work up to the day where you are just going to run until you get tired.

Running Tips for the Beginning Runner

The biggest thing you always need to remember when you are learning how to run is that there are no rules as to how fast you need to be good at it. You can take your time, just keep in mind that you want to keep at it, or you may have to learn how to work yourself up to it again. The real key is that once you have started running, and you have become comfortable with it, it will become second nature, and turn into a really fun activity.
There are a few running tips that you should always keep in mind when you are going to start becoming a runner.
Stay hydrated — It is extremely important to stay hydrated when you are running, because it will make the run easier on your body, and keep you from getting muscle spasms that can make the process harder that night.
Run at your own pace — If you are working up to running in a race, then make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to train, learn the best ways to run, and what you are comfortable with. Everyone learns how to run at a different pace, and it can quickly become a very fun activity if you stick with it.
Make sure to re-hydrate — When you are done running, your body is going to need water, and a lot of it. Don’t always settle for the energy drinks or drinks like Gatorade, because they are packed with sugar. There is nothing better for a beginning runner than a nice bottle of chilled water.
Have fun — Having fun while you are running will get you back out there over and over again. Once you are a runner, you will get healthier in the body, mind, and soul, and if you get really good at it, it could soon become something that you love to do in competition.
Source of My Running Knowledge
I learned how to run very young, joined a track and field team, and then started running for my Cross Country team in high school. In that I learned some valuable tools to use while running, and competed in many different races. It was a lot of fun, and helped me to learn how exactly it helped my mind and body. It became something I just loved to do, and provided many valuable opportunities to simply enjoy running.

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